The Dos and Don'ts of Chocolate

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DO be choosy about your chocolate.
To get all of the good-for-you benefits of chocolate and cocoa, you have to know what you're eating. Ideally, you should pick dark chocolate that contains at least 70 percent cocoa-the higher the cocoa percentage, the more health benefits the chocolate contains. The label on your chocolate should also say non- or lightly alkalized or non-dutched. And if you're eating the stuff for health benefits, skip white and milk chocolate, which don't have as many of the good-for-you flavanols the dark variety does.

by Lindsey Unterberger, Glamour

Poor chocolate-few foods have their very own rumor mill like this one. Chocolate is bad for your waistline! Dark chocolate is good for your heart! Chocolate makes your skin break out! Chocolate is an aphrodisiac! We went to the experts to get the truth about chocolate-and it's not all bad. Learn about chocolate's surprising health benefits and how you can eat it to your advantage.

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