Health Remedies for a Neptune-Radiant Thanksgiving
Healthy Living

On Thanksgiving 2012, the stars will inspire a day when you'll be able to readily connect to a wellspring of gratitude! That's because Neptune, the planet of compassion and heart-centered understanding, will be quite strong tomorrow, squaring the luminous Sun and forming a harmonious trine with the love planet, Venus.

Neptune dissolves boundaries and can make you overly sensitive to those around you. Holidays themselves usually elicit many powerful feelings, and with Neptune radiating so strongly tomorrow, you can expect greater potential for experiencing feelings of low-level anxiety -- notably the type where you can't pinpoint the source. If this becomes the case for you, consider Aspen flower essence, which helps to instill calm and provide protection for a sensitive heart.

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With Neptune bringing a sense of blurriness -- and also being the planet ruling alcohol -- you may find yourself tending towards having one too many. So that a potential hangover doesn't have Black Friday take on a whole new meaning for you, consider a few helpful wellness strategies. For starters, drink one glass of water for each alcoholic drink you enjoy. And if you still feel a bit under the weather on Friday morning, consider a natural hangover remedy such as umeboshi plum or nux vomica. Massaging the arch of your right foot, which connects to your liver, can also be helpful.

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Another planet that will be particularly strong tomorrow is Uranus, which will square warrior Mars. This aspect may lead to a sense of assertiveness (expressed by either yourself or others) that may seem as if it's suddenly appeared out of left field. To combat this, simply take the approach of expecting the unexpected. And if tomorrow's electrically charged energy seems disquieting, a general stress-reducing panacea, such as a flower essence blend like Rescue Remedy, could prove to be a terrific go-to.

By making yourself aware of the strong astrological energies on Thanksgiving Day -- and arming yourself with supportive wellness strategies -- you may find a deeper sense of peace as you connect with all that you're grateful for in life!

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