Kate Upton's Crazypants Sports Illustrated Cover Body Workout

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February 15, 2013

By Nicole Catanese, Refinery29

Unless you've fallen off the social media map this week, you couldn't help but see an image of Kate Upton's barely-clothed body in the much-anticipated annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue every time you press Refresh. The bare-it-all beauty looked to David Kirsch, a fitness and wellness expert, founder of the Madison Square Club in NYC, and the man that, well, just about every have-to- look-good-practically-naked model has on speed dial.

Upton may have hit the genetic jackpot, but she still works to stay in top shape. "As far as nutrition," says Kirsch, "I had the benefit of being able to cook for her when we started training in the summer and getting her into my mindset and philosophy of sound mind, sound body - eating clean protein, lots of salads and greens, and avoiding everything processed." (Kirsch says she even smuggled in a bag of sliced cucumbers and celery to snack on at Knicks game. Now, that is dedication.) When she was really down to the wire, Upton looked to Kirsch's Protein Powder, AM Daily Detox, and Kirschbar The Perfect Snack to stay energized.

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Then there were the workouts. "The idea was to step up the intensity and duration of the workouts, making it a strict cardio and sculpting boot camp that entailed body weights and resistance bands, sprinting and calisthenics, shadow and kickboxing," says Kirsch. "Kate is blessed with the most gorgeous feminine curves and I was determined, no matter how hard we trained, that I wasn't going to let her lose a crazy amount of weight," says Kirsch. "The goal was to lengthen and tone her thighs and inner thighs, and keep her butt perky - it wasn't about dramatically changing her body."

Translation: Sweat sessions seven days a week. Initially, Kate worked out twice a day, then wound down to one hour a day, five or six days a week. "Pushing past her perceived limits is what really got her body into the shape it was in for the cover," says Kirsch.

For Crazy-Flat Abs
Planks on a stability ball, stability ball knee tucks and hanging knee raises, and lots of medicine ball tosses with crunches. "Kate would crunch up, I would toss the ball to her, then she would catch it and crunch back down," says Kirsch. "Then, on the next crunch up, she would throw the ball back to me and we would repeat."

For A Bouncy Bottom
Single-leg dead lifts, a lot of lunges, kickboxing, platypus walks and reverse crossover lunges. "They're to keep her butt perky," says Kirsch. "It's particularly obvious when you look at the body-painting part of the issue."

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To Sculpt Amazing Arms
Shadowboxing with gloves and using light weights of three to five pounds. "This integrates cardio but also uses the entire arm and all the muscles, so you get lean all over," he says.

Not ready to get out of hibernation just yet? "To get there quickly, follow my ABCs: no alcohol, bread, or processed carbs," says Kirsch. "This will tighten and get rid of the bloat after just a few days." Next, add in some fast workouts and mix up the body parts. "I'd recommend doing one for core - a combo of plank, side plank, oblique crunches, and mountain climbers. Then, always balance it out with moves that target the lower half, like the sumo lunge, platypus walk, single leg dead lift, and reverse crossover lunge." Do this and you'll be on your way to a cover-model physique - penguin posse not included.

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