Wait! What? Pain Relievers Can Make You Go Deaf?

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Most people take a daily dose of vitamins. Me? Not so much.

Though I'll admit that I do usually pop an ibuprofen around 4 p.m. to soothe the headaches I get like clockwork. Oh yeah, and at that time of the month, when I'm taking three ibuprofen four times a day. My coworkers are in the same boat.

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No big deal, right? Wrong. According to a new Nurses' Health Study, my pain reliever of choice may cause major hearing loss problems down the road.

Research teams in the U.S. found that women using ibuprofen six times a week are up to 24 percent more likely to develop some degree of a hearing problem. Even if you're only taking it twice a week, your risk is 13 percent higher.

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As scary as that sounds, there's still a safe alternative for cramps and miscellaneous aches and pains: aspirin. Old fashioned? Pssh, yeah. But a good old Bayer may cure what ails you without the need for a hearing aid.

How often do you take ibuprofen? Will you make the switch to aspirin based on this news?

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