Snap Out of It! 7 Quick Cures for a Bad Mood
Healthy LivingJanuary 22, 2013
Photo by: Tracey Clark
Go grab that grapefruit body wash or cocoa butter suntan lotion and take a big whiff. Within moments, you'll be transported from where you were to a whole new experience. What you choose to smell, and where you'll go is entirely up to you, just allow your sense of smell take you there.
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When I'm having a bad day, unless I go way out of my way to change it up, things get progressively worse. The more I obsess, the more cranky or hopeless or defeated I feel. Learning different ways to snap myself out of my funk(s) with minimal time and/or effort has made all the difference in changing my bad moods to better ones. Here are 7 quick and easy tricks I've tried (that have actually worked!) to simulate a swift, distracting, kick in the behind and serve as the diversion necessary to change your perspective and swing your mood from crappy to happy (or at least happier): - By Tracey Clark


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