Yoga Poses for a Great Butt

SHAPE magazine
Healthy LivingOctober 18, 2012

by Heidi Kristoffer

If you do a Google search for "yoga butt," a number of things come up. The first result is the definition from Urban Dictionary: "The ultimate external sign of a strong and powerful body. Only after years of practice can a man or woman achieve a yoga butt. It is perfectly proportioned, very tight, high, and sculpted. A yoga butt means you also have yoga arms, yoga abs, yoga legs, etc. It is very sexy and it immediately turns eyes and makes people jealous or inspired." Who wouldn't want that?

I confess: After my first yoga class , I had a total girl crush on my instructor. I wanted a butt just like hers and was determined to take her class as much as possible in order to make this happen.

The best way to attain a yoga butt? Through yoga, of course! Here are some poses that will help sculpt that perfect derrière. Do each of these once a day, and you will be well on your way.

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Warrior One
Warrior One

Warrior One: From down dog, step your right foot forward between your hands, spin your left heel down with the foot slightly angled out, press into your feet, and reach your arms to the ceiling, framing your face. Breathe here for five deep breaths and then repeat on the left side.

Warrior Two
Warrior Two

Warrior Two: From down dog, step your right foot forward between your hands, spin your left heel down with the foot slightly angled out, and windmill your arms open, left arm reaching toward the back of your mat and right arm reaching to the front of your mat. Bend right knee, keeping it in line with your right ankle. Stay here for five deep breaths and then repeat on the left side.

Warrior Three
Warrior Three

Warrior Three: From a standing forward bend, walk your hands under your shoulders, placing them on the floor (or on blocks if the floor is to far away). Transfer your weight to your right foot, putting a slight bend in your right knee, and float your left leg high behind you. Reach through your left heel and internally rotate your left thigh so your toes point toward the ground. If you feel steady, lift your hands off the ground and frame your torso with your arms reaching back toward your heel. Stay here for five deep breaths and then switch sides.

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Elevated chair pose
Elevated chair pose

Chair Pose: From standing, bend your knees, sink your hips, and reach your arms high to frame your face. (You should be able to see your toes in front of your knees. If you can't, sit back until you can.) Stay here for five deep breaths. For a challenge, come onto the balls of your feet for five deep breaths. For an extra challenge, from there, reach your arms forward as you reach your butt back, pancake your torso to your thighs, and flex your palms toward the front of the room (as pictured). Stay here for five breaths.

Diver's Pose
Diver's Pose

Diver's Pose: From standing, put a soft bend in your knees, come high on the balls of your feet, and start to hinge forward from your waist, keeping your arms on either side of your torso. Allow your head to dive toward the ground, and stay here for five deep breaths.

For more great yoga poses to sculpt that perfect derriére, click here!

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