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February 9, 2014

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Since this is VALENTINE's Week I thought I would approach your weekly forecast a bit differently and focus on what is shifting or peaking in your love life, where things are heading and how our very last week of Scorpio Destiny and Karmic balance in Taurus will affect each sign. In the general below I will hit each day and let you know what is coming up so read your sign and rising but also this day-to-day forecast!>

The week ahead for ARIES: Valentine's week has Love sitting with Pluto in the goal area of your chart so you are going through a deeply transformational period around what it is you need on a deeper level when it comes to love. You may be setting goals focused around more intimacy, facing divorce issues, reproductive needs, mortality ...(read more)

This is the LAST WEEK of balancing Karma in the Taurean energy field. You have made it through a year and a half, this week wraps it up and you won't return to this Karmic influence again for another 18 years. To that end, look at any Taurus signs or Taurus Rising signs around you and ask if you feel things are in balance? Look at what you are building, how you are being valued, your income, possessions, and purchases. What would you like to do this week to balance Karma with others or within situations so you are setting off into the next 18 year cycle in a strong position?

The week ahead for TAURUS: Your Valentine's Week is very much focused on heading straight into your past and either letting go of something that blocks the door to true love going forward or rethinking some of the things you've done in the past to either release or reclaim what has eluded you thus far in the game of love. I must ...(read more)

This is the LAST WEEK of Destiny calling you through the Scorpio energy field. You have made it through a year and a half, this week wraps it up and you won't return to this Destined place again for another 18 years. To that end, look at any Scorpios or Scorpio Rising signs around you and ask if you feel Destined to do something with or about them? Look at the shared financial situation with others or with institutions, do you need a loan, to pay down debt, deal with inheritance, file bankruptcy, tackle insurance, taxes, settlements, investments, alimony, child support, commissions, or a partner's money? Is there something sexual, reproductive, about the divorce, mortality issues, or a birth that is calling you? Make the last week here count.

The week ahead for GEMINI: Valentine's Week builds towards the Full Moon peak and takes you into more profound experiences and heady flirtations if you are so inclined, and let's face it, most Gemini's show talent for these things! You have Mars working things up with quick passions and lovely pursuits, heating things up in a way that ...(read more)

If you want to look back, the last time we wrapped up the Taurus/Scorpio Karma/Destiny cycle was August 1995, (it ran Feb 1994-Aug 1995). Next week we move into a new Karma and Destiny cycle, one that has not been here since 1995-1997. I will look more closely at this in next week's forecast. For now, know relationships will become the most important focus of our next year and a half, mirroring some parts of what happened back during this last period. If you would like to go read up ahead about it, I did go into this some in the February Monthly Forecast here!

The week ahead for CANCER: Your Valentine's Week is two-sided Cancer. On the one hand, it seems things are going very positively for you when it comes to your love interest, the space you are creating for love or the pursuit of love and the things you are doing at home, with living conditions, family, or security needs. This ...(read more)

MONDAY offers good opportunity for decisions involving finances, intimacy or divorce needs. These should help you feel more grounded or secure or tie in with home, real estate, family, or roommates positively. The Uranian energy will be strong today and may make you act out or have a sudden urge to break free. Utilize this combo as you see fit.

The week ahead for LEO: Valentine's Week for Leo may sound a bit like I'm trying to psychoanalyze you but trust me, I'm not, it just delves into areas this profession loves to utilize. In truth, Leo is under a love influence that is begging you to stop thinking and to let yourself experience emotions regarding love and your mother or ...(read more)

TUESDAY the issues at home, with real estate, family, a parent, roommate, move, or renovation will be getting a lot of personal attention and involve at least one other key person. Big changes are needed, does it involve the goal, career, or a parent or other authority figure? You will be doing double duty today because the Sun is highlighting your aspirations, friendships, group activities, online presence, and any causes you may champion, asking you to get involved regarding a financial, sexual, divorce, mortality, or third party issue. Do you need to set some limits, commit to something or mark and ending here?

The week ahead for VIRGO: Virgo, your sign has the most complicated or intense love energetic out there at present so your Valentine's Week should mirror that for you, ready? First, you are going back to the drawing board to reassess decisions, open those talks or proposals back up, get real about agreements, sales, moves, read more)

The week ahead for LIBRA: Libra, you are a spitfire this week, and the best motto I can give you is separation of church and state, you of course being the holy see this Valentine's Week. Why? Well, because Mars is all kinds of passionate and motivated within your sign all week, making nice with lots of other co-conspirators, ...(read more)

WEDNESDAY is the last day with the heat on at home, with family, parents, real estate, moves, renovations, or roommates. Today it gets amped up involving the partner, client, specialist, attorney, agent, or competitor. Mercury Retrograde backs into Aquarius in the evening and the past now returns around friends, groups, causes, freedom, the internet, astrology, charities, or inventive ideas. Between now and the 28th you can rethink things here, run into past people or situations, and rewrite how you want things to go to some extent.

The week ahead for SCORPIO: Scorpio, this Valentine's week, the absolute only thing standing in the way of a truly love enriched experience is the commitment to yourself via Saturn. If you have cleared the serious matter involving your name, identity, title, brand, or body via Saturn's work to limit, end things, commit long term, and ...(read more)

THURSDAY the Leo Moon takes over and we begin to feel the promise of the Valentine's Day Full Moon that arrives on Friday. The aspects today are positive, opening up potential around love, children, creative projects, and fun. Listen to Zoe's RADIO SHOW tonight at 8pm est/5pm pst!

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: Valentine's Week brings you some real excitement, sudden changes or surprise that you just didn't see coming and it's thanks to Uranus in T-square in your house of true love. You may decide to do something spontaneous or you may be ready to change your mind about what is going on in your love...( read more)

FRIDAY is the FULL MOON in Leo, Happy Valentine's Day! Today we reach a peak, a celebratory level with our love life, lover, children, creative projects, or recreational pursuits. It's a day when things come through or achievements are noted. It can also be a peak when things are ending, so bad affairs of the heart bow out or you end a long cycle of bad relationships or a dry spell is over. The same goes for creative efforts or what's going on with the kids, you may be marking something that is wrapping up with these topics now. The Sun and Mars are together today bringing more action and passion, good flow with the partners, reps, clients, specialists, friends, groups, internet, astrology, charities, and aspirations. Enjoy!

The week ahead for CAPRICORN: Valentine's Week is a big one when it comes to your understanding about loving yourself. This may manifest as someone drowning you in roses and chocolates but it can just as easily stem from this powerful, new awareness that is evolving deep within you about your worth. This is because you are ...(read more)

SATURDAY the Virgo Moon asks that we pay attention to what needs to happen with the other person and the work, health concern, pets, or paperwork. The Sun and Mercury Retrograde meet on the same degree marking the mid-point in your Retrograde journey. This is usually accompanied by an important decision or piece of information and will again tie in with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, your freedom, aspirations, or causes.

The week ahead for AQUARIUS: Aquarius, boy are you complicated this Valentine's Week! First of all, Mercury rules your love life and is Retrograde. So you may be rethinking some love affairs or doing your part to return to past issues or opportunities to review love in some new way. The questions that arise in the first half of the week... (read more)

SUNDAY Mercury and Mars get busy, a good day to launch into action with the partner, rep, client, specialist, competitor, or other key person over those Retrograde themes. Virgo Moon is making nice with the career, personal goals or authority figure in the mix so tackle the work, health interests, animal needs, or paperwork, again, all good.

The week ahead for PISCES: Valentine's Week has Jupiter, the lucky and expansive energy force, at work in your house of true love. Jupiter is Retrograde so it is saying that something big can happen here with someone you already know or with delving into past themes regarding love and your beliefs about love or through letting go. ...(read more)

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