10 Things He's Thinking when You're Naked

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Spoiler alert: He's not thinking about those extra 10 pounds you want to lose! Real guys tell us what they're really thinking when you bare it all. For more insights into your guy's mind, read about 10 beauty moves guys find sexy.

"Girls are always trying to cover up. A lot of females I've been with seem to have a hard time being naked, without covers or the lights off, without the security of clothes. But when I'm with a naked girl, all I can think about it is how excited I am. How lucky I am that she trusts me enough to be there with her. And I never notice anything except how hot she looks." -Paul, 23

"Sometimes, after sex, my girlfriend will ask me, 'What are you thinking about?' Honestly? I'm just thinking about how awesome that was and wondering when I'm going to get to do it again." -Landon, 25

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"I'm thinking about how gorgeous my wife is. We've been married for over 30 years and I still find her just as attractive as she was when we first met. Hope she feels the same!" -Jack, 56

"My last girlfriend loved to run under the sheets and turn off the lights as soon as her clothes came off. I hated that! I just wanted to look at her, to take in the whole picture. Women don't realize: We're not going to even notice the imperfections you think you have. We're just excited to be there! It's much sexier if a woman's confident enough to embrace nudity and sex head on." -Camden, 32

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"My wife has a hard time focusing on anything except the 'flaws' she sees in her body. But I don't notice anything but perfection. All I'm thinking about it how lucky I am to be with such a beautiful woman." -Dan, 44

"I'm hoping she's as excited as I am. To be perfectly honest: I'm probably not thinking about a lot beyond getting to touch her!" -Ben, 22

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"When my girlfriend's naked, I think about how I'm the luckiest guy in the world." -Matthew, 47
"I think about how I can prolong the experience for as long as possible. I want her to be naked, with me, all day long." -Luc, 38

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"For the first minute or two, my mind is usually blank. I probably just black out from excitement and happiness." -David, 24

"I think about ... just about her. I think about how beautiful she looks and about how my favorite thing to see her in is nothing at all." -Seth, 30

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