The 5 Biggest Bedroom Buzzkills
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The 5 biggest bedroom buzzkills

Your bedroom is supposed to be a haven o' hot sex, but for many folks, it's just another room that happens to contain a bed. If you've ever wondered what (or who) is to blame for your lukewarm sex life, Redbook offers up these 5 common bedroom habits responsible for ruining our collective sex lives - see if you're guilty of any of them!

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1. Little bedfellows
Of course your kids want in your ginormous bed, but there's a time for everything. Reserve your snugglefests for mornings and keep your kids out at night. Joel Block, a sex therapist and author of Sex Comes First: 15 Ways to Save Your Relationship Without Leaving Your Bedroom says, "By the time the kids go to sleep, couples are just about done." True dat. Stick to a consistent and reasonable bedtime with your kids to allow for quiet time together as a couple when the lights go out.

2. Antisocial media
Most of us are guilty of going to bed with our Facebook friends and Twitter followers, even if only figuratively. Kick your friends and followers out of bed in favor of the person right next to you. We promise the world won't stop turning.

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3. Over accessibility
We get it, you're connected. Whether by text or email, you can always be counted on for expeditious replies to urgent matters on everything from boyfriend trouble to email forwards. Unless you have legitimate reason to be on-call, step away from the mobile devices. That funny email and autocorrected text can wait.

4. Serious talks in bed
My husband is famous for this. We can go all day with light and airy convo only for him to hit me with, "Hey, you think we should try to refinance the house?" once we're in bed. Hey, you think we can talk about this another time? Dr. Block suggests saving heavy convo for daylight hours outside the bedroom.

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5. Too much good TV
TV is just. so. good. And thanks to the DVR, it's even better with an endless stream of recorded awesomeness paired with the ability to zip through commercials. Dr. Logan Levkoff, a sexologist and host of Café Mom's Mom Ed: In the Bedroom suggests keeping the DVR outside the bedroom and setting limits on TV watching. Sure thing, right after this episode…

I'm four for five on this list but only because I'm not a fan of the elbow boob jabs that come from kids in my bed. So this is what I'm gonna do, I'm going to try like hell to break these bad bedroom habits and get back to you with my progress. I can't promise a steamy sex diary, but I can promise an update. Stay tuned.

- By Lori Garcia
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