6 Lies It's O.K. To Tell Your Boyfriend

Smitten, Glamour Magazine
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Because honesty is the best policy...except when it isn't.
by Gena Kaufman, Glamour

Lying is bad, obvs. But on a few occasions, the truth just gets you into unnecessary trouble. Here are a few harmless occasions in which we think it's perfectly fine to fudge the truth to your man:

1. Those weird noises I was making in my sleep? Of course it was a dream about you, babe. (It was my ex, oops. I'm so over him but you can't control your unconscious brain! Um, right?!)

2. No, this top isn't new. You just don't remember because I haven't worn it in a while. (Hello, there was a sale. I had to buy it. Luckily he didn't notice my new shoes too.)

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3. I'm really excited to visit your mom this weekend. (The next six holidays are with my non-passive aggressive parents, buddy.)

4. Of course I never talk to my friends about our sex life. Or comment about it on Smitten. (Listen, a girl's gotta vent or get advice sometimes.)

5. The reason I don't want to set my BFF up with yours is because she's just not ready to date yet. (Sorry she thinks he's an obnoxious buffoon.)

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6. This cake you made me for my birthday tastes amazing! (It was dry and I'm pretty sure you forgot to add sugar. But it's the thought that counts, darling.)

What little white lies do you tell your guy? Or are you all honesty, all the time, even if it might hurt or upset him? What things are off limits to lie about?

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