6 Questions to Ask on a First Date

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Ask your new date these questions. His answers will give you true insight.

Let's face it: First dates aren't just for flirting. It's your chance to playfully grill your potential new guy. We talked to dating and relationship coach Donna Barnes and got all the questions you need to ask before your kiss goodnight.

By Korin Miller

Do you have any siblings?
It's a simple question that opens the door to talk about family. Those are the relationships he's been grooming his whole life, so they're a pretty good indicator of how he'll be with you. It's why we love us a mama's boy.

What's something you're dying to try?
See if his answer is something you could get behind, and get a feel for the kind of thing he's interested in. If he'd love to live on a mountain and your idea of roughing it is going a week without a manicure... well, you see where this is going.

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Have you ever had your heart broken?
Chances are, if he's never been hurt, it's because he doesn't get too close. And when a guy doesn't know what it feels like to have his heart broken, he probably won't think much about breaking yours.

What was your longest relationship?
It's time to see if the commitment-phobe red flag pops up. If he's made the two-year stretch you can breathe a sigh of relief. If his idea of an LTR is a few months, just sigh.

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When did your last relationship end?
If homeboy just broke up with his fiancé, ask the waiter for the check. Guys need time to move on from serious relationships, so if his last one was a few weeks ago you could just be a rebound.

Where do you want to be in five years?
Here's your chance to answer the biggest question of all: Does he want a girlfriend? If he sees himself at home with the woman of his dreams (who just happens to look a lot like you) preparing for another long day as a pediatric neurosurgeon, lock him down ASAP. If five years from now he's in Vegas re-creating the blackjack scene from The Hangover, run.

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