7 Fall Date Night Ideas Your Man Will Love

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Your guy is bound to dig one of these dates.
Your guy is bound to dig one of these dates.

Coming up with date ideas is, well, freaking stressful. You want to plan something your man will love, but it's not always easy to figure out what that'll be. That's why we got Bill Nichols, cofounder of 100RedFlags.com, to spill on the fall date night ideas men freaking love.

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1. Make it a TV Night (Seriously)
There are a ton of new TV shows this season-and, really, everyone's watching. Find a new show you're both interested in and watch the premiere together. If you both love it, you'll have a whole series of dates lined up to watch more together.

2. Have a Cocktail Competition
Guys love competition, so capitalize on that. Gather some drink recipes and stock up on supplies before you invite him over for a little one-on-one contest to see who can make the best fall-themed cocktail. Hey, you'll get a nice buzz in the process, too…

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3. Sports, Sports, Sports
If he's a sports fan (and he probably is), take advantage of the cooler weather and suggest a game of tennis, or dust off that softball glove and play a game of catch. It will help if you have some skills, but you'll already be scoring some points by suggesting the date.

4. ...And More Sports
Not athletic at all? Invite him over to watch his favorite football game at your place and hook your TV up outside. He'll love checking out the game in the fresh air-it's the next best thing to actually being there.

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5. Learn a Cool Skill Together
There are tons of great resources out there, like Dabble and Skillshare, where classes are hosted in subjects ranging from meditation to wine tasting and beer brewing. (Note: You can't go wrong with the last one.) Find something that's been on your bucket list and have fun learning a new skill together.

6. Take a Hike
If you're both on a budget, find some trails to explore near you. Tell him you'll bring a six-pack of beer and some munchies, and split them as your reward when you reach the halfway mark.

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7. Tailgate, Baby!
Nothing is better to a guy than eating hot dogs, drinking beer, and listening to great music. Even if you don't have a major sports team in town, you can tailgate for anything - just have fun with it. The fun, laid-back scene full of awesome people-watching will make the conversation flow.

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