7 Gifts Women Will Love that Don't Cost a Thing

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A Full Night's Sleep
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A Full Night's Sleep
As if the huge bags under my eyes weren't a giveaway or the fact that my most-whined-about woe is sleep! Sleep is a hot commodity these days, and I want some.
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Sometimes the most coveted gifts can't be bought, wrapped in pretty paper or placed under a Christmas tree. Sometimes the most valuable gifts don't cost a thing but instead require only a little time, love and extra effort. A serene moment without my children tugging at the bottom of my dress, a day off from doing the dishes -- something that illustrates how much the gift giver values my time, my effort and ultimately, my existence. These are the best, most thoughtful gifts, and they're all gifts that don't cost a penny. If any or all of the above sounds like an ideal present you'd like to receive Christmas morning, you'll love the other ideas I've rounded up. Click through for 7 free gift ideas for women! - By Krishann Briscoe


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