7 Practical Last-Minute Gifts She Really Does Want

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A Frying Pan
I know, I know. Frying pans always make the Worst Gift Ever In the Universe to Give a Woman lists. Hear me out:The Not Boyfriend is a chef and tsk-tsks every time he sees the peely nonstick pans piled up in my kitchen cabinet. He gently steered me to toss the old and unhealthy pans and stick to the stainless. I'd love a few more to keep up with all the scrambled eggs I plan to make him in 2013. I think he'd approve of this Calphalon number (about $50 )
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I've had beaus who gave me lovely presents. And I've had gentleman friends who were not at all good gift-givers. The ones who knew me well got that I didn't need something big and flashy and expensive, but I do love a token of affection. Once that gift is purchased (and should be at this point, right?), and a significant other is wracking his brain for another gift for the holiday, I propose that he make a practical choice. I like gifts that serve me well -- at my desk, in my office, as I prep lunches every day. I appreciate when someone I love notices that I'm missing a convenient gadget or that my toaster really needs to be replaced. I've compiled a list of my very favorite practical gifts that you can run out right now and pick up, no problem. But before you do -- HEED THIS WARNING: Do not EVER give a woman a practical gift as her sole gift. Get her something loving, sentimental, high-tech, or shiny. THEN and only then can you consider adding on something that clips, cleans, carries, or sucks. Check out my top picks! -- By Jessica Ashley


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