7 Tips for Dating with Children

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Be Proud of Your Story
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Be Proud of Your Story
Own it. All of it. The good, the bad, it doesn't matter. Your past does not define you but it did help shape you and had a huge impact on the person you are today. It also resulted in you receiving the most precious gift you could ever receive - your child(ren). I carried a lot of shame. I felt like I had become a statistic and based on my ex's history I should have known better. The reality is I made the choices I made and the fall out behind them was tough and painful but in it I became stronger than ever and got to be mommy to the most amazing little person.
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What is the difference between dating and being in a relationship? When you change the way that you look at it, the difference becomes quite clear. According to a video I recently watched, dating is like test-driving a car; at least that's how men look at it anyway. You test-drive a car to see how it works and how you like it. If you like it you decide to keep it, or you purchase it. The purchase is equivalent to a relationship. For many of us, test-driving a new car is fun and exciting. Add children to the mix and things change. Suddenly, test-driving is not all about having fun and simply seeing if you like someone, instead you are forced to look beyond aesthetics and thrill, and think long-term. My husband and I test-drove for months before officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Being together so long made the transition of mommy's friend to mommy's boyfriend, to mommy's fiancé to daddy (something she began doing on her own), to mommy's husband, much easier. I learned a lot while test-driving with my mister! Continue reading for 7 of the things I learned or wish I learned while "test-driving" with a child. - By Krishann Briscoe

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