Keep it Simple: 8 Tips from Happily Married Couples
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Don't Take Things too Seriously
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Don't Take Things too Seriously
"I'm incredibly thankful for my husband. He's an amazing dad and he makes me laugh every single day. We've been together for 20 years, and married for 17, and my heart still does little flippity-flops when I see him. Plus, between the two of us, we're like one functioning adult." ~ Joslyn
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There's a lot of advice on what it takes to build a strong, healthy relationship, but not all of that advice comes from the people who know it best: those in happy, long-term marriages. Of course each couple has its own rules and tricks they use to stay happy, but I've rounded up a list of general suggestions lovebirds can use to strengthen their bond with their significant others. Click through for 8 simple relationship tips from happily married couples! - By Krishann Briscoe


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