8 Ways You Can Successfully Find Your G-Spot

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Don't worry. You'll find it.

According to research all women have a G-spot. But if you haven't found yours yet, don't freak. Experts swear these little tricks will help you locate the pleasure zone.

By Korin Miller

Try the "Gyno" Position
First, wash your hands. Then, prop yourself up on your bed with your legs spread like they would be if you were visiting the gyno. Put lube on your middle finger and insert it into your vagina with your palm facing up. Your G-spot is on the top wall of your vagina halfway between your vaginal opening and cervix. The spot should feel a little rough, almost like the surface of a walnut.

Use a Helper
Can't reach that far with your fingers? Use a vibrator or wand with a curved end. Once you think you've hit the spot, gently rub the toy back and forth over the area. It should feel amazing.

Get Your Guy Involved
Lay in the same position as you would if you were exploring on your own, and prop your back up with a lot of pillows. Have your guy insert his middle finger and curve it back towards himself once it's inside you. He can also stimulate your clitoris with his thumb at the same time for an added sensation.

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Take Advantage of His Curve
Every penis is different, but a lot of guys have a slight curve when they're erect. Take advantage of the way your guy curves to try to hit your G. Think: Whichever way it curves, you want that angle hitting up against your G-spot.

Do the Butterfly
If your man has a pretty straight erection, try to hit your G with the butterfly position. Here's how to do it: Lay down on your back on a counter or table. Then, lift your legs and rest them on his shoulders. Tilt your pelvis upward so that your back forms a straight line angling up toward him and your crotches meet. Have him place his hands under your hips so he can hold you close while he thrusts.

Try Standing Doggie Style
This position puts his penis right in line with your G-spot. Stand in front of a wall or mirror with your back to your guy. Have him enter you from behind and slowly thrust in and out. You can experiment with the angle to find out the best way to hit your G.

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Prop Up Your Pelvis
Love missionary? Put a few pillows under your butt beforehand-this angles your pelvis in a way that makes it easy for your man to target your G-spot.

The Big O
Okay, so how will you know whether you had a G-spot orgasm or clitoral O? You'll feel like you need to pee (in a good way), and may have some extra lubrication as a result.

SOURCES: Barbara Keesling, PhD, author of The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex; sex coach Amy Levine, founder of IgniteYourPleasure.com

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