9 Signs a Guy is Ready to Be Exclusive

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He likes you, he likes you not... These cues tell all.

If you're waiting for your man to instigate the define the relationship talk, chances are...you'll be waiting for a while. Since putting yourself out there can be scary, we got Bill Nichols, cofounder of 100RedFlags.com, to spill on the signs a guy really likes you-so you can skip the awkward DTR.

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1. He Calls to see How Your Day Went

Texts don't count, unfortch. These are those phone calls that come at the end of a boring Tuesday, made for no other reason than checking in to see how you're doing. Guys will normally avoid these "just because" phone calls; so if he's making them, chances are good he's been thinking about you all day.

2. He Suggests Staying at Your Place
Guys want to make life as easy as possible for themselves, which is why they tend to prefer to have you sleep over instead of crashing at your place. When you start staying at your place more frequently and he doesn't resist, that's a good sign. But when he thoughtfully suggests your place, that's even better. He cares about you and wants to make it easier for you to spend quality time together.

3. He Skips Guy Time to Hang With You
Groups of guy friends are brutal. A pretty good portion of relationships fail because of guys ragging on their buddy who is starting to get serious with his girl. If he's willing to face the wrath of his friends in order to hang out with you, he's willing to do just about anything. Including calling it quits in the singles world.

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4. He Doesn't Mind You Leaving Clothes at His Place
Since you're not official, he hasn't given you a drawer for your clothes. When you leave your stuff behind, it can make him feel uncomfortable. If he doesn't complain or remind you, he's starting to think of your stuff as not so different than his stuff, which is a big step toward finally reaching drawer status.

5. He Says He Misses You
Unlike other signs, this one doesn't need to be qualified by the method of communication. He could tell you in a text message, on the phone, or through alphabet soup and it really doesn't matter. Guys are conditioned to be independent, so saying he misses you is a biggie for him. The mere mention of him missing you is a clear sign that your relationship is not going away any time soon.

6. He Has Sex With You...Completely Sober
Yeah, it's not exactly romantic, but believe it or not, this is a typical benchmark that guys use to assess the seriousness of a relationship. When your sex life isn't dependent on pre-gaming with a bottle of wine or on a drunken night at the bars, it shows that you have an emotional connection that is playing an important role in the quality of your physical connection.

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7. He Grabs Your Hand First
When it comes to hand-holding, guys are pretty squeamish. You've probably become accustomed to prying his hand from his pocket, so when that expertise is no longer needed-and he beats you to the punch by reaching for your hand-it shows that he's not only comfortable walking hand-in-hand... he's proud to be the one doing it.

8. He Makes an Effort
Activities normally reserved for more serious couples-like making dinner together, going for a walk in the park, or going on a date that doesn't involve alcohol-are avoided by any guy who is afraid of the prospect of having an official girlfriend. Since a guy would much rather be thought of as cool, sexy, and fun, any initiative he takes toward the "cute" side of the spectrum is a good sign that he's ready to settle down.

9. He Wants to Talk About Your Relationship
He may be hesitant to have the official talk, but take notice if he shows signs of opening up to discuss any part of your relationship. Even if you find out that there are things you need to work on to make him happy, you should appreciate that he cares enough to bring it up. Emotions are a scary thing for guys, and they aren't just talked about with anyone.

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