What His Apartment Says About Him

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Decode him by looking around in his apartment.
Decode him by looking around in his apartment.

These days, guys care a little bit more about how their pad looks. Proof: Justin Timberlake recently announced that he's collaborating with a designer to release a new collection of home goods and art called HomeMint. But what about your man's place? Interior decorator Jill Vegas, author of Speed Decorating, says these key decor items can tell you a ton about him.

By Malia Griggs

A Neon Beer Sign
He loves to have a good time and is always down to go out. But since he's a party guy, he may not be ready for anything long-term.

Trophies From When He Played Sports
This guy hasn't grown up yet, Vegas says. He'll expect you to turn into his mother, and he'll be emotionally unavailable because his maiden relationship is with her. You might want to wait a couple years on this one.

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Big Dark Leather Couches
Vegas warns that his space-hogging furniture suggests he might not yet have enough room (literally) to fit you into his life.

A Giant TV
You walk into his living room and the first thing you notice is the giant plasma-screen TV mounted on the wall above a white sectional couch and glass coffee table. His crib is intimidatingly clean and modern. Vegas says he may be a little too into the exotic minimalism of his abode and that you should invite him back to your place to gauge how he reacts to a little disorder.

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Vintage Furniture
His apartment is a mix of vintage chairs and he has an old-school record player. He loves his possessions and each one means something to him. "This guy knows how to wine and dine you," Vegas says. "He's not sure if he's ready for long-term, but when he finds something beautiful, he has to have it." Maybe that thing of beauty is you.

Dog Toys
He has a dog bed, leash and toys lying around the house and family photos on his tables. This shows that he's ready to take on the responsibility of loving someone else. "This man's solid and down-to-earth. He wants his home to feel warm and inviting to you," Vegas says. "If you see a guy like this with balance in his home, that means he's ready to settle down."

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