Here Comes the Bride: The Evolution of Weddings Throughout the 20th Century
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In the early 1900s, white has become the customary choice for brides. It all started in the mid-1800s when Queen Victoria of England got married in a white dress. And still, many brides of the 1900s choose to wear azure, mauve or pale pink. High waists, high collars, long trains, long gloves, and veiled hats are also in fashion. In this photo the bride stands slightly behind a seated groom which was the custom of the day. It shows who wears the pants in the family. Interestingly, it later switches to the bride sitting and the groom standing behind her, perhaps as a show of gallantry? Or feminism, more likely.
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Although I never had a real wedding of my own, I have always been fascinated by the wedding choices of others.The choices a couple makes when it comes to tying the knot say a lot about the couple. These days, anything goes. But that wasn't always the case.According,in the 1850s, weddings were very solemn occasions. No music, no dancing.It wasn't until the century was coming to a close that weddings began to be fun events with games and yes, even dancing.Those weddings of yesteryear may sound boring, but there is something about them that speaks to me. They were usually small family gatherings at the home of the parents of the bride or groom -- simple and sweet.So, in celebration of the upcoming holiday about love, I thought I'd show you how lovers of years past choreographed that most special day.Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you, weddings throughout the 20th century.- By Monica Bielanko

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