This Couple Really, Really Loves Disney

Elise Solé, Shine Staff
Love + Sex
Photo by: Shari Photography
Jamie hatched the idea for a Disney-themed wedding after a childhood spent watching Disney movies and visiting Disney World on yearly family vacations. "There's something about Disney that makes me feel happy and safe," she says. Christopher even proposed at Disney World against the backdrop of fireworks.

Many women dream of meeting Prince Charming and having a fairy tale wedding. O'Fallon, MO-based aspiring actress Jamie, 26, took that idea very seriously when planning her September 2011 nuptials to fiancé Christopher Chandler, 28. The couple threw a Disney-themed ceremony with the bride dressed as Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" and the groom as her Prince Eric. Here are some of their most magical moments. By Elise Sole