Dating Online? Watch Out for These Red Flags to Avoid Disaster

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By Natasha Burton

These 14 warning signs to look for on his profile will help you weed out the wrong guys.

Red Flag #1: He Focuses on Looks
Sure, we all want to find someone we're attracted to, but some guys take this too far. Watch out for men looking for a woman who is "stunning," "hot," "fit" and "sexy" (or any similar adjective). If these guys don't seem to care about a woman's personality and character, they're probably on the hunt for arm candy, not a woman with substance.

Natasha Burton is a love and relationship writer whose work has appeared in The Huffington Post,,, Maxim, and She is the coauthor of dating guide The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags.

Red Flag #2: He Doesn't Say What He Has to Offer
A guy's profile shouldn't be solely about what he wants in a woman -- he should reveal what he brings to a relationship. Without sounding arrogant or shallow, he should be able to explain why he's a good catch. For example, he's a self-proclaimed nice guy, he's loyal or is straight up and says that he's looking for someone to cuddle with and love. If he comes up short on what makes him desirable, he may want more than he can actually give.

Red Flag #3: His Tone Sounds Controlling
If you see the phrases "must have" and "I won't stand for" in the details of what he's looking for in a mate, exit his profile -- fast. This man most likely expects a woman to do as he pleases, when he pleases. Not a great relationship dynamic.

Red Flag #4: He Has Generic -- Read Boring -- Interests
While there's nothing intrinsically wrong with being boring -- many uninteresting people happen to be very nice -- it's probably a safe bet that you didn't sign up to meet someone who's just plain meh. When a guy's interests consist solely of nonspecific activities, like watching movies and going out to dinner, it's clear that he doesn't have any original interests. When a guy is specific about his passions and hobbies -- he loves Indian food, he's a wine connoisseur, he's a history buff -- you'll know if you really have things in common. And your night out will be a lot more interesting.

Red Flag #5: He Gets Sexual on His Profile
Some men (and women) sign up for online dating sites to find flings and have a little fun. Nothing wrong with that -- and we don't judge. But if you're ultimately looking for a relationship, beware of the man who litters his profile with sexual innuendos or says he wants a woman who is "good in bed" or "down for anything." He's probably just looking for a booty call.

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