Decode His Date Drink

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Find out what him loving a Bud Light means.

Decode His Date Drink His beverage of choice tells you more than you'd think about his dating MO. Here's what you need to know.

By Cosmopolitan

1. Craft Beer
First Impression:
Men who drink specialized beers, like IPAs, dig that they're a cut above plain-old brewskies.

Translation: He nerds out over whatever he fancies, including you. He'll appreciate your quirks.

Mascot: Danny on The Mindy Project

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2. Classic Bud
First Impression:
Budweiser may be the king of beers, but it's the least showy drink ever.

Translation: This guy's not interested in impressing anyone. He'll make you feel at ease, but if you want someone complex, he's not your man.

Mascot: Richie in Magic Mike

3. Scotch
First Impression:
Scotch is smoky, masculine, and...expensive!

Translation: He's half woodsman, half businessman--but all manly man. He will treat you to nice stuff, but be careful: He may be too overbearing.

Mascot: Don Draper on Mad Men

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4. Artisanal Cocktail
First Impression:
Drinks with dainty ingredients like elderflower liqueur are crazy trendy right now, as are the guys who drink them.

Translation: Since he's culturally with it, he'll take you to cool places and be witty. But the fact that he's trying so hard could mean he's insecure.

Mascot: Peter on Portlandia

5. Glass of Wine
First Impression:
Vino oozes sophistication and sexiness-a killer combo in both a drink and a dude.

Translation: Many guys think wine is a "girl" drink, so ordering it shows that he's comfortable showing his sensitive side. He could be a keeper.

Mascot: Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy

6. Jack and Coke
First Impression: This is the drink guys who are stuck in their college days chug to get wasted.

Translation: He's a manchild who's having trouble growing up. Someone should tell him to stop listening to Montell Jordan...becausethis is not how we do it anymore.

Mascot: Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother


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