Is Divorce Really the Answer?: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Ending Your Marriage
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How will this affect my family?
Photo by: Cody Coombs
How will this affect my family?
As Casey and I struggled, my daughter, Addie, was at the forefront of my mind. If Casey and I divorced nothing would be the same. Addie loved us both, and separating our family was going to do damage to her. She would have either stayed with me in Indiana or left with Casey for Utah. Either way, that would have devastated Addie.
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Three and a half years ago my marriage was on the brink of being over. My wife, Casey, and I both knew that our problems had probably progressed past the point of no return. Once we got to the point of actually discussing divorce, it became clear that I needed to take a hard look at my life and my relationships. Ultimately, I looked at several factors that showed me that the good completely outweighed the bad, and today Casey and I are still together and happier than ever. Not all marriages and couples are the same, but here are 7 of the questions I asked myself before deciding that divorce wasn't the answer. Take a look--these could apply to your marriage, too. - By Cody Coombs

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