Can You Fly with a Passport If You Legally Changed Your Name?

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by Jacqueline Gifford for Brides

Whatever jet-setting question you have, Jacqueline Gifford, our resident expert on all things travel, is ready to help!

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What should I do about my passport if I'm legally changing my name?

If you're traveling right after the wedding, you should just travel with your old passport in your maiden name. But, be sure to buy all airline tickets for your honeymoon under your maiden name, too-the two must match. For example, when I married Rob back in January of 2008, I changed my maiden name from Neiss to Gifford on all my credit cards, my drivers license, etc. right after the wedding. We were taking our honeymoon cruise in the Baltic that July, but, in order to get a good deal on airfare, we bought the tickets before the wedding. So, my airline ticket was booked under Jacqueline Carole Neiss, and I traveled with my existing passport under my maiden name. As soon as we got back, I sent a certified copy of our marriage certificate in to the State Department and requested a new passport (visit the official site for info on forms and fees) and had my shiny new blue book as "Jacqueline Carole Gifford."

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