Foreplay, According to Guys

Glamour Magazine
Love + Sex

Everything guys think about pre-sex shenanigans
by Melissa Gira Grant, Glamour

First off: Do you enjoy foreplay?
- Yeah. It gets me in the right mind-set: 88%
- Nope, I'd rather just skip to play play: 12%

So how long is your foreplay "playlist"?
- I can go 30 minutes or more, or about eight songs' worth: 30%
- Fifteen minutes, or about four songs: 31%
- Seven minutes, or about two songs: 19%
- Less than seven minutes: 20%

How do you like to set the mood?
- By turning down the lights: 28%
- By cooking her something really delicious: 24%
- By putting on a romantic CD: 8%
- By asking if she would like to have sex: 40%

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Which is highest on your foreplay to-do list?
- Kissing her all over: 30%
- A lot of rubbing: 23%
- Going down on her: 47%

And which gets you going most?
- Getting kissed all over: 15%
- A lot of rubbing: 30%
- An awesome (or even so-so) blow job: 55%

Are you ever worried you won't last all the way through foreplay?
- Sometimes: 44% No way.
- I've got this: 50% Yeah, I'm terrified!: 6%

How do you feel about talking dirty?
- It's superhot: 50%
- It can be awkward, but I'm OK with trying it: 33%
- No, thank you. I think quieter is better: 17%

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Have you watched porn with a woman as foreplay?
- No, I want to focus on the two of us: 47%
- No, I don't know how to ask!: 15%
- Yes, but it was kind of the worst: 13%
- Yes, and we totally got off on it: 25%

What are your thoughts on bringing a sex toy into it?
- Yes!: 52%
- Hmm: 31%
- No way: 17%

Guys hate asking for directions when driving. Does that apply to foreplay too?
- Yes. Talking is a total turnoff: 8%
- I don't mind asking, but I'm not sure exactly how to pose the question: 20%
- I love getting navigational help!: 51%
- I don't need any instructions: 21%

And just to be clear here: Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?
- Yeah, sometimes I just want to move on already: 55%
- No, I could do it forever: 45%

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