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Ceremony Garland
Bundle airy baby's breath into a wreath-dotted swag and delicate table spray.

The secret ingredients behind this jaw-dropping backdrop (that also happens to be jaw-droppingly simple to make) are foam wreath forms and basic rope.

How to Make This Ceremony Garland

Miniature daisies, doily-shaped Queen Anne's lace, and baby's breath come together in a beautiful balancing act atop a tall, graceful candlestick.

How to Make This Centerpiece

Layer cuttings of filler flowers, such as goldenrod and mimosa, with herbs and fruit to make boutonnieres. To make these adornments, cut each flower down to about 4 inches. Then stagger the clippings at different heights, and bind the stems together with floral tape. Cover with ribbon, and snip the ends to even them out.

(clockwise from top left): Goldenrod and olive leaf; lavender and miniature daisies; craspedia, scabiosa, and rosemary; chamomile and lemon leaf; kumquats and button mums.

To replicate this tiered tower, fill three nesting bowls with wet floral foam, stack them on top of one another, and add dense tufts of goldenrod, fuzzy clusters of mimosa, and globelike craspedia balls. Punctuate with olive leaves, kumquats, lemons, and sprigs of fresh lavender.

How to Make This Centerpiece

Arrange lone stems-a mix of full plumes and reedy stalks such as caspia and agapanthus-in vessels of various heights and shapes. Keep colors consistent for maximum impact. Place the tallest shapes in the center, anchor the outer edges with medium-size pieces, and fill them in with small containers. When you're done, add a stem or two to each.

Aisle Runner
Create an enchanting ceremony path by adding untamed posies to a wooden flower frame. Echo the look with an equally abundant bouquet. At the reception, recycle your makeshift garden into an escort-card display. Thanks to a pair of ingenious wooden panels, you can walk toward your groom flanked by hundreds of wildflowers, including larkspur, lisianthus, bridal wreath spirea, and lepidium.

How to Make This Aisle Runner

Chamomile, heather, white daisies, scabiosa, gooseneck loosestrife, raspberries, and wild sweetpeas mingle in a fresh-picked arrangement tied with a yellow bow.

Escort Card Display
After the ceremony, have friends place the aisle runners on a table for cocktail hour, where they can serve as a blooming backdrop for your name cards. And at the end of the night, take them home.

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