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What His Job Means for Your Sex Life

Love + Sex
November 12, 2012

Is your husband's profession an indication of how he acts in bed? The results of this survey show that it may be time for a performance review. REDBOOK.

A REDBOOK survey of 400 married women revealed that their husbands' chosen professions have a lot of bearing on their lovemaking patterns. "It's not surprising that what you do by day spills over into the evening," says psychologist Linda De Villers, Ph.D., a sex therapist and author of Love Skills. "If he tinkers with intricate machines all day, maybe he'll be gifted at navigating a woman's body. If he's got a job that's very linear, very logical, then his lovemaking might be more formulaic or orderly."

Men in Uniform (Firefighters, Police Officers, Deliverymen)
81% of their wives say the sexiest thing about him is that he makes sure she's fully satisfied (almost twice the average).
84% say their sex lives are excellent or very good (also way above average).
Yet 25% -- more than twice the average - skip foreplay.
And 35% of their wives wish they'd be more adventurous.

Doctors and Healthcare Workers
Very cuddly and romantic (44% are constant cuddlers).
Good at giving oral sex (55% of their wives call them "the best of the best").
Yet lousy at foreplay (34% of their wives say it never lasts long enough, which puts them in last place).
36% of their wives say it's over too fast (and 14% say, "He could be a Viagra candidate").

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Most likely to have sex every day (14%).
More than three times as likely as the average husband to try fantasy role-playing (20%).
If she's not in the mood for sex, he's among the most likely to take no for an answer without further negotiation (74%, compared to the average of 57%).
But it turns out she wants more, not less: 25% say sex is over too quickly.

Factory Workers
59% of their wives say sex could be better, with 20% rating their sex life "poor."
Yet in each specific area, they rate about average.
They're among the most adventurous (28% of their wives say this is the sexiest thing about him).
They're also among the most likely to experiment with new positions or sex toys (36%).

Teachers and Government Workers
Among the least likely to take no for an answer if she's not in the mood (43%).
Which might explain why they're the second most likely to have sex every day (13%).
100% do foreplay.
Yet their wives are among the most likely to think sex is over too quickly (30%).
They're among the most likely to cuddle afterward (61%).

Their wives claim they're the best lovers (45% - first place among all the professions - rate their sex life as "excellent").
100% engage in foreplay (though 13% of their wives say it "seems like an eternity").
73% fully satisfy their wives.

Construction Workers and Contractors
58% have sex more than twice a week (high frequency).
30% of their wives would like them to be more tender.
They're the least likely to give oral sex (40% don't).
But their wives say they're cuddly when they're in the mood (66%, which is way above average).
And 57% say sex is "excellent" or "very good."
These men don't make love often (39% have sex less than once a week), but if she's in the mood and he's not, 61% will accommodate her anyway.

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Managers and Supervisors
38% of their wives rate sex "excellent," which puts them in third place overall.
They're the cuddliest profession (45% are constant cuddlers).
74% are either good or "the best of the best" at oral sex.
But if he's in the mood and she's not, he's the least likely to take no for an answer (29%, compared to the average 57%) and among the most likely to negotiate.

Architects and Engineers
Highly likely to make sure their wives are satisfied (71%).
92% do foreplay, and 76% of their wives say it lasts just long enough to make sex perfect.
But 12% (twice the average) complain that foreplay "seems like an eternity."
They're more than twice as likely as the average husband to introduce a battery-powered device (29%).

Suits (Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants, Communications and Financial Professionals)
Most likely to want sex every day (42% want it; 10% have it).
Most likely to try a new location (46%).
Great at foreplay: 92% of wives say it lasts just long enough. Second most likely to take no for an answer (78%).
Yet only 56% of wives rate sex "excellent" or "very good."

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Mechanics and Truck Drivers
First place in oral sex (61% of their wives rate them "the best of the best").
95% engage in foreplay.
39% have "excellent" sex lives.
47% have sex more than twice a week (above-average frequency).
They're the most likely to introduce edible underwear (26%).
But more than a third fall asleep right after sex (three times the average).

Small Business Owners
Most likely to introduce new positions or sex toys (46%; average for all husbands is 28%).
Six times as likely as the average husband to introduce whips, ropes, or handcuffs (18%).
100% of their wives say they're in sync regarding how long sex lasts.
Yet 30% say they wish he'd spend more time on foreplay.
Still, 36% have sex more than twice a week (high frequency).

Computer Specialists and Technicians
The least likely to accommodate his wife when she wants sex and he doesn't (17%).
Which may explain why he's the least likely to receive oral sex (only 56% do; average is 72%).
He's also among the least likely to give oral sex (31% don't).
And the least likely to introduce a battery-powered device (0%).
But he's almost twice as likely as the average husband to cuddle after sex (63%).

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