Kate and Will's Christmas: A Facebook Photo Album

Piper Weiss, Shine Staff
Love + Sex
Photo by: Alison Jackson/Rex
I spent a low-key Christmas with my couple friends this year. It was just me, Will and Kate. #humblebrag

If you're not part of their inner-circle, the private moments of Kate Middlton and Prince William's marriage are best left to imagination--or photographer Alison Jackson. For the past two years, Jackson has been staging royal scenarios, with the help of a camera and some very convincing lookalikes. There's the photo shoot of faux Will proposing ('marry me' is scrawled on his chest), and another of fake Kate taking a pregnancy test in a bathroom. Jackson's work, which hangs in galleries from London to Los Angeles, satirizes the public's insatiable hunger for royal insight, and meditates on "voyeurism, on the power and seductive nature of imagery, and on our need to believe," according to her website.

Even if you know her royal images are fake (her debauched Harry shots are pretty spot on), it's hard not to imagine 'what if'? What if we had access to more princely private moments? What if we really knew how Kate and Will reacted to the baby news, how they spent their holidays, how they'd seem if they were just another tagged Facebook photo in our newsfeed? So we did. Using Jackson's recent photos of lookalike royals at Christmas, we cast ourselves as something more than voyeurs. We imagined we were their friends on Facebook--though probably not for long.