Men’s Secret Bedroom Fears

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Brenda Della Casa, Glamour magazine

Think guys have a one-track mind when it comes to sex? Think again. These dudes confessed the between-the-sheets worries your man will never share.

Guys' Bedroom Fear: He's Not Big Enough
The fact that a lot of guys look at porn every once in a while is hardly a secret, but all that browsing can lead to a bruised ego. "Porn stars are often well-endowed, and it's only natural to compare your goods with the ones you see on-screen," says Lyle, 33. "Most guys can't help but feel they are on the smaller side and not big enough when in bed with a girl."

Guys' Bedroom Fear: You Won't Like His Body

You're not the only one concerned about bulges and soft spots. Nearly all the guys we talked to admitted to having some serious body insecurities. "I don't have sculpted shoulders or a buff chest, and a lot of girls like that, so getting naked can be intimidating," says Dan, 27.

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Guys' Bedroom Fear: He'll Soak the Sheets
Uh, no, not that way. "Some guys sweat more than others, and I do so excessively," says Ben, 31. "I always worry that will turn her off."

Guys' Bedroom Fear: His Feet Smell
A lot of guys worry that an up-close look at their toes might gross you out. "Most guys don't take care of their feet, and when you are in bed, they can look gnarly-or worse-smell bad," says Steve, 31.

Guys' Bedroom Fear: Bodily Functions Will Get the Best of Him
"There are very few guys who will admit this, but you always worry if you will fart while getting a blow job," says Jake, 30.

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Guys' Bedroom Fear: He Won't Last
Finishing too fast is a common concern, so guys will go to great lengths to prolong the action. "I will think of garbage, baseball-anything to prolong the moment," says Michael, 24.

Guys' Bedroom Fear: You Won't Orgasm
Despite what some guys say, for many of them, your pleasure is their primary concern. "Once she finishes, it's like, thank God," says David, 30.

Guys' Bedroom Fear: Dragon Breath

"I'll carry Listerine strips or rush into my bathroom for a quick brush," says Harrison, 27.

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Guys' Bedroom Fear: Not Sounding Sexy

"I don't know how to dirty talk, and I know that if I copy what is said in a porn video, it's hit or miss," says Ben, 31. "Instead, I'll just moan, but even then, I worry I am doing it too loud or wrong!"

Guys' Bedroom Fear: That He's a Bad Lover
You've heard the stories of "jack rabbits"' and "mop kissers," and so have men. "You wonder if someone is saying you're great but telling her friends something else," says Gus, 30. "Every guy likes to think about himself as a great lover, but you never really know."

Guys' Bedroom Fear: Not Being Able to Rise to the Occasion
OK, ladies, before you start to question his attraction, understand that there are a number of reasons guys lose their erections-nerves, depression, and alcohol are just a few-but whatever the cause, it ranks up there as their top fear. "It doesn't happen often, but we know it's a possibility that it won't work or last the whole session," says Chuck, 27. "If it happens, please don't think it has anything to do with you or make us talk about it."

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