OK Cupid’s New App ‘crazy Blind Date’ for Those in Need of a Date, and Fast

Jessica Ferri
Love + Sex

No time to go out to the bar and start up a conversation? Try online dating. No time to browse through the thousands of profiles? No worries. OK Cupid has a new app for your smart phone that'll get you out and about in two minutes.

The new app, called 'Crazy Blind Date,' is just what it sounds like. Instead of listening to your crazy Aunt Marge go on and on about her friend Sylvia's son, who graduated from Yale but you're terrified he's a monster who has never left his mother's basement, now you can choose your blind date for the evening in seconds flat.

OK Cupid's mobile dating: will it work?

Choose the time you'd like to meet, and the place, and OK Cupid sends you not one match, but four. The catch is, the faces are scrambled. Your date is literally a puzzle.

The choices are based on an algorithm of who you might get along with based on your OK Cupid profile, their proximity to you, and their availability at the time you requested.

Send the request and show up. You're dating! That is, of course, if your date shows up.

"OK Cupid was founded when my business partner called me late one Friday night in 2002," Co-founder Sam Yagan told Yahoo! Shine. "He said 'I want to start a dating site with a blind date button. It'll be awesome: who, where and when.' I told him he was crazy and to call me back when he wasn't drunk. Basically we realized we'd need a huge database of users for an app like that work. Hence, OK Cupid was born. Now, eleven years later, we have that database."

Crazy Blind Date has been compared to sites like Grindr, a service for gay men that facilitates immediate hook-ups, perhaps a little too well, since Grindr has been criticized for being nothing more than a place to look for casual sex.

In response to whether or not the new app encourages casual encounters over dating, Yagan told Shine, "Photos are essential for casual encounters. Our app is terrible for that-there's no clear photo of the person you're about to meet! You don't know if they are attractive or not. We're really the opposite of a hook-up app."

After your date is over, you can indicate that you had a good time by clicking the "kudos" button. Weirdly, other Crazy Blind Date users see this, meaning you just recommended your date to someone else. "These are blind dates. Maybe 1 out of 10 are great," explains Yagan. "80 percent of the dates people say, wow, she's great, not for me-and that's when you use a Kudos, to recommend them to others."

And ladies, the news is good. Yagan expects men to be the main users of CBD in an 80 to 20 ratio. "These men will be the best men. If they go on a date and get a bad review, they will be weeded out. On top of that, there's more of them than women, so anytime a girl wants a date, she's got one."