The One Word that Sums Up My Marriage

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With Valentine's Day on its merry way, we wanted to get the real deal on marriage - in a nutshell. Here's how 18 women boil down modern matrimony. By Holly Corbett, REDBOOK.

"Blessing." - Stephanie Cancellieri, 34

"Disney-esque." - Jessica M. Evans, via Facebook

"Challenging." - Tammy Pannell Nunn, via Facebook

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"Comfortable." - Janet Hayes-Young, via Facebook

"Complex." - A Louise Collins, via Facebook

"Geeky." - Alexis Blake Hogan, via Facebook

"Compromise." - Katherine Deordio, 29

"Delicious!" - Meshe Armstrong, via Twitter

"All-purpose." - Lori Nordine-Town, via Facebook

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"Evolving." - Allison Sklaney, 36

"Fun!" - Rhiannon Cruz, via Twitter

"Inspirational." - Jenn Taylor, 36

"Transformative." - Marygrace Taylor, via Facebook

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"Jackpot!" - Miranda, via Twitter

"Partnership." - Bindu Lokre, 34

"Solid." - Amber C., via Facebook

"Unconditional." - Rachel Rombough, 28

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." - Wendie Hutchinson Rodgers

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