A Quick Exit: 7 Signals Spouses Use to Ditch Bad Holiday Parties

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Squeeze Him or Send a Message
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Squeeze Him or Send a Message
Lana of "Making a House a Home" gives "the look" when really upset but that isn't the only signal she's got. "Mostly what I do is hold his hand and give him a little squeeze when I am ready to go… And when it's hard to get the message through, I go to the bathroom and text him."
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With a blast of holiday parties rapidly approaching, I figured it was time to get my exit strategy in order. You see, as November and December roll around so do school performances, family dinners and work-related events. Translation? Lots of opportunities for uncomfortable and awkward situations to present themselves. One way to avoid said awkward scenarios is by being proactive and coming up with a way out before you dive in. Communicating whichever sly method you choose with your significant other is particularly important. So I reached out to my Twitter followers and Facebook friends to wrangle a list of ways spouses effectively communicate that it's time to leave. To prep for holiday-party mishaps, click through for 7 signals spouses use! - By Krishann Briscoe


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