What Your Sleeping Position with Your Guy Reveals About Your Relationship

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by Gena Kaufman, Glamour

You know how in movies, couples always wake up entwined around each other romantically, and neither of them seem to have cramps in their neck or even morning breath? Yeah, so not real life.

In real life, sleeping together every night can become a lot less romantic as a relationship goes on, but the way you're doing it might reveal something important about your relationship. According to psychologists, since people can't fake body language when they sleep, nights are the time when people are the most honest and vulnerable, and couples fall into sleeping habits that reflect their personalities and preferences.

But don't fret if you're stopped the snuggling and started rolling away from each other. A new British study of 2,000 couples found that 46% of people turn away and sleep with their backs to their partners every night, and psychologists say these couples might actually have a very intimate relationship. Sleeping back to back but not touching, called the "Liberty" position (which 28% of participants did), indicates that a couple is connected but independent enough to sleep separately. The other 18% of back to back sleepers use the "Cherish" position, sleeping back to back but touching. These couples are comfortable, intimate, and relaxed with each other, and the position is common in new relationships.

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Wanna know about the other positions? Of course you do! Here you go:

"Spoons (Male)" (13%): Especially common in the few few years of a relationship or marriage, some couples sleep in this traditional position, where the guy is the big spoon, or the spoon on the outside. Here, the guy is taking the lead and protecting his lover, and the position reveals a strong sexuality and feeling of security.

"Pillow Talk" (7%): If you like to sleep face to face, you're a couple that needs one-to-one contact and to talk in bed.

"Lovers Knot" (8%): In this position, couples lay face to face with their legs intertwined for a brief period, then separate to sleep.The couples show a loving independence by showing a sign intimacy and then separating to sleep apart.

"Spoons (Female) (5%): This time, the woman is the outside or big spoon, taking charge and protecting her guy.

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"The Lovers" (4%): See "Lovers Knot" above, only the couple stays in the entwined face to face position all night. This is for new couples who can't bear to be separated or who are born romantics.

"The Romantic" (1%): Speaking of romantic, this is the stuff of movie love scenes, where the woman sleeps with her head and arm on the man's chest. It's common in new or rekindled relationships.

"Superwoman" (1%): Are you a bed hog, Superwoman? Here, the woman sleeps in a stretched out star fish position and the man hangs off the bed. The guy in this couple doesn't mind taking a secondary position and letting the woman take her space.

"Superman" (1%): Reverse the above. here, the guy likes to have his way and the woman is OK with that.

How do you and your partner sleep? Do you wish you slept in a more intimate position or not? Are you comfortable sleeping together?

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