How Twitter Became a Married Actor's Enemy
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Model Live Tweets In-Flight Flirtation

Oh no he di'int! Except he did. That is, if you believe everything you read on Twitter. Model Melissa Stetten was flying on Virgin America on Wednesday when actor Brian Presley started hitting on her (in the kind of way you see in a cringeworthy Ashton Kutcher or Sean William Scott flick). That might have been bad enough, except she live tweeted the entire thing. That might have been bad enough, except it turns out that Brian is married, which was discovered by Twitter users following her live tweets. Can I get a collective WHOOPS! The tweets are epic. And Brian's material? Well, let's just say he needs some new material. (For his part, People magazine is reporting that Brian says the whole thing is BS: "I took a red eye flight to NY, had a 10 minute friendly conversation with the person sitting next to me, had some food, and went to sleep!") Check out Melissa's tweets, and let Brian's shameful experience be a lesson to us all: When you're married and hitting on someone midair and she's on her phone and you know there's WiFi, maybe stop hitting on her.

In the beginning

1. In the beginning
It starts out innocently enough, if not a wee bit boring.

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2. Starting to get a little suspicious
Yeah, Brian, because tons of single men just like wearing rings on that finger. Because Ashley Madison is just as good a place as any to find a date.

3. Thank God
God hooked with him up with McD's. Nothing wrong with a little divine intervention.

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4. Love ya, babe
Kiss, kiss. Now that's a collabo!

5. You're losing her, Brian
The Oklahoma thing isn't working for you, clearly.

6. A true mind meld
The greatest pairing since Bartles & Jaymes

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7. Whoops
Remember, Brian, your small town tales are sounding like nails on a chalkboard. Just something to keep in mind.

8. Um, busted?
Thanks, Pat_Healy!

9. Snap!
Oh no he di'int!

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10. We've got a ladies' man among us!
Break out the Courvoisier.

-By Meredith Carroll
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Starting to get a little suspicious
Thank God
Love ya, babe
You're losing her, Brian
A true mind meld
Um, busted?
We've got a ladies' man among us!
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