Wedding Ring Lost for Four Years Found by Kayaker

Sarah B. Weir, Yahoo! blogger
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Photo: Emily Geisler

When kayaker Emily Geisler spotted a diamond ring washed up on the shores of Rigby Lake near Idaho Falls, on July 23, she thought she was being pranked. "I was sure someone was filming," she tells Shine. "I looked around but nobody was anywhere near me." Her husband, Jayson, was off swimming as part of his training for an upcoming triathlon. "I knew he'd have a hard time believing where I found it-so I took the picture."

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When she heard her missing ring might have been located, the owner, Necia Rasmussen, barely trusted her luck either. "I tried not to get my hopes up," she tells Shine. "It seemed unbelievable."

Rasmussen lost her wedding ring four years ago when she took it off to sunblock her kids at the lake. She was devastated because her husband, Heber, was about to be deployed to Iraq. Although she scoured the area with a metal detector, the ring never turned up. She didn't have the heart to replace it, reports the Huffington Post, even though her husband encouraged her to do so. "I just wanted back my old one."

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After Geisler discovered the ring, she says she planned on posting a notice in the local paper. The next day, attending a rotary meeting, she mentioned her find. Another member, Glen Walker, immediately made a phone call. After speaking with his wife, he said the ring must belong to her sister and described it perfectly.

Emily Geisler, Rigby Lake

Geisler didn't immediately confirm the description because she wanted to make sure the ring was returned to its rightful owner. She agreed to meet Rasmussen. "She rushed right in and showed me her wedding album," says Geisler. "And sure enough, it left me with no doubt in my mind." According to the Rexburg Standard Journal, that evening, Geisler met Rasmussen at the spot she had found the ring by Rigby Lake. It was about 100 yards away from where it had been lost.

Although the ring needed to be cleaned, it was still in perfect condition. "The whole event will keep me smiling for years," says Geisler.

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