7 Crazy Misconceptions I Had About Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies

Snippity snip
Photo by: Diana Stone
Snippity snip
I didn't know that there were circumcised and uncircumcised boys. I just thought - everyone looked the same. Imagine my shock as a nanny when I went to change an (uncircumcised) little boy's diaper and thought perhaps he needed medical attention. Pronto.
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I'm a huge advocate for knowing about your rights and your body. However, it's hard to be your own best advocate when you know so little about your own body. You need to know what your body is doing in order to be the best advocate for yourself. But, I didn't always know much about how things worked. In fact, I had very little knowledge on how anything to do with babies, pregnancy, and birth worked, until I had kids. Here, in all their uneducated glory, are my 7 misconceptions about pregnancy, birth, and babies: - By Diana Stone


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