7 Dads that Deserve to Win Father of the Year

Who gets your vote for Father of the Year?

Happy Father's Day Weekend! And in honor of this extra-special time for fathers, it's time to think about all the great dads we know (or, okay, have seen in the media) and pick some of the best dads ever! Of course, you can feel free to reserve the top spot for your own awesome father, but nevertheless, let's take a look at 7 rockin' dads who deserve to win Father of the Year:

1. Dick Hoyt Is The Greatest
Dick Hoyt is, without a doubt, the greatest dad ever. You can flip through the rest of the dads on this list, and while they've all done great (or silly) things to be on this list, none compare to what Dick has done.

Dick's son Rick had the umbilical cord tangled around his neck at birth leaving him brain damaged. Doctors said to institutionalize the boy, he would be a vegetable. That didn't happen.

Dick has taken Rick on 85 marathons. The pair have completed 8 Ironman Triathlons. They've gone cross country skiing, mountain climbing, and the road across the USA on a bike. You need to watch the video to really understand the story, although the quote from Rick sums it up ``Dad when we were running, It felt like I wasn't disabled anymore!'' Dick Hoyt wins. He wins Father's Day.
Watch a video of Dick and Rick Hoyt

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2. Real Dads Cry
Yes, real Dads cry. And the thing that will set us off more than any other is seeing our kids happy. As in really really happy. Anthony Lee and his daughter Catie entered every single contest they could to win a chance to meet One Direction. Then they just saw the band leaving a photo shoot, Catie met her favorite band and Anthony broke down. "Just seeing her happy because she tried so hard," he said. "She tried so hard for everything."
Watch the Real Dads Cry video

3. Smooth Criminal
Frankie is a good kid. He does his chores, but likes to have some music to accompany him. He asked if he could have Smooth Criminal on while he loaded the dishwasher, his Dad creeped around the corner and filmed this greatness. As one YouTube commenter said, "t's real happiness, real family, where child is so free and happy." Any Dad who raised a kid like this is doing something right.
Watch the Smooth Criminal video

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4. Ewoks Are Real

Anthony Herrera told his kids that Ewoks were real. That's a step beyond Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. But just as we all go through hoops and barrels to make those myths come alive, Anthony did the same with Ewoks. He took his kids to Sequoia National Park (where the Ewoks live), and when his kids were disappointed that they didn't see any Ewoks on the vacation, he photoshopped them into the background of their vacation photos.

5. PacMan Fever

Nathan Glemboski lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He taped out a PacMan board on the living room hardwood for his son. "I've never seen a child eat so many marshmallows and not throw up," he posted on YouTube.
Watch the Pac Man Fever video

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6. Reality Changers

Jorge Narvaez is a single Dad and budding YouTube star. He loves to sing with his two daughters, and after posting family videos of him singing with older daughter Alexa, he became a viral sensation. He was invited on Ellen, and last month he and Alexa took to the stage of America's Got Talent. Despite all the success, Jorge is still a Dad first - he won't do interviews until after the girls are in bed. "I sing with them every night until they fall asleep," he said. "It's my favorite part of the day."
Watch the Reality Changers video

7. The Unknown Dad
I don't know who this Dad is. The picture was posted on Imgur, and so I'll just honor him as "the Unknown Dad." He represents all Dads and the greatness we do each and every day, like braving Storm Troopers and Bounty Hunters over breakfast.

- By Buzz Bishop
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