7 Things Parents Should Tell Their Kids About Finding Happiness

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There is strength in loneliness
By definition, loneliness will never feel good, and often it might just about wreck you from the inside out. But experiencing it from time to time will also help you realize it won't kill you, either. Sometimes it takes a little solitude to appreciate the company you do have in your life, and to understand that the feeling of desolation won't actually last forever. Gaining the understanding that you're at least capable of being by yourself - and surviving - allows you to bring more to your relationship with others.
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As kids approach their teen years, life gets infinitely more complicated. Friends, romantic relationships, body image, money issues, sex, drugs, college admissions and party invitations, to name a few, can all lead to lots of happiness, and even more complications and heartache. Here are 7 things you should talk to your kids about in an effort to help guide them to happiness: - By Meredith Carroll


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