7 Tips for Making Up Your Own Bedtime Stories

Photo by: [Photo from Kenn Adams Adventure Theater]
Use the Story Spine
Developed by playwright Kenn Adams, the story spine provides the framework for creating well structured tales. Here are some phrases to use to start out each sentence and you fill in the rest: -Once upon a time… / And everyday… / Until one day… / And because of that… / Until finally… / And ever since that day… / THE END.
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I was over at a friend's house the other night when her husband excused himself to go tell their two kids a bedtime story. "Oh, what story are you guys reading?" I asked as he headed upstairs. "Oh, we're not actually reading anything," he said. "I make up the story as we go along…it's become quite the epic with a cast of way too many characters." I thought that was so cool-to be able to make up a story. On the spot! With your kids! To make up a good story, it helps to start with a framework, a few guidelines to keep you on track (see: "then everyone died" part, above). Here are some useful tips for how to make up a great story with your kids. Happy "reading. - By Jessie Knadler


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