The 8 Most Heartwarming Parenting Stories of 2012

Photo by: Babble
Autistic Girl Falls From WIndow
When Steve St. Bernard, a 52-year-old MTA bus driver, saw a 7-year-old autistic girl climb out the window through the paneling on the side of an air conditioner in her family's apartment, he did what he says any father would have.
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With our minds so heavily clouded from recent tragic events, it might be easy to start to view the world as a dark place where evil prevails. The truth is that the good people far outweigh the bad. So I decided to do a round-up of the most heartwarming stories covered here in 2012, in part to remind us all that every single day, we have people who go out of the way (and often place themselves in danger) just to help others. Click through these heartwarming stories of 2012: - By Danielle Sullivan

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