8 Pieces of Parenting Advice that No One Wants to Hear

Photo by: Katie
"Nap when they nap."
"Hel-lo, reality! There was no laundry fairy to clean all the onesies or a cooking genie to get dinner on the table! That said, I was all for otherwise making life easier. I gladly accepted help from relatives, split night-time shifts with my husband and either delayed or ditched niceties like thank-you cards for gifts."
- Ellen Seidman, Love That Max
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I recently wrote about the 10 pieces of parenting advice I'm tired of hearing, and it turns out, I am not alone. Based on the emails I've gotten since then, it seems that the unsolicited, even rude, parenting advice isn't just coming my way, but that it might be a bit of an epidemic. So I decided that since I'm not alone in this misery that it might be interesting to see what advice other parents were tired of hearing. I asked other writers what their least favorite piece of parenting advice was, and what follows is perhaps a cautionary tale for those of you who like to dish out the unsolicited advice. - By Katie

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