8 Things to Do with Your Kids During Winter Break

December 21, 2012
Bake cookies for Santa
Photo by: That's What Che Said
Bake cookies for Santa
The girls love to bake cookies for Santa. This will be our first activity, on Christmas Eve day. We'll keep it simple and make a few treats to leave out for Santa (and take to our family gatherings!).
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I planned to count down to Christmas with fun activities every day. Alas, December 1st came and went, and I never setup our advent calendar. Still, there are so much fun of the holiday season that I don't want to miss a thing. Enter the Winter Break Bucket List. To be sure we squeeze in all the fun we possibly can, I'm putting together a list of family fun activities for our free time. Here are 8 must-do holiday activities: - By Heather Sokol


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