9 Ways for Dads to Bond with Baby

Disney Baby
Photo by: Becka Robinson
Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Take baby out to a local sporting event. For us, that meant a Devil Ray's baseball game. Dad even bought a little baby baseball cap so our son could show his team spirit!
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I felt a bond with my son pretty quickly after becoming pregnant. With each doctor's visit, ultrasound, and tiny kick, that bond grew, so that by the time I gave birth, I felt like I'd known him forever. For my husband, although he was excited during my pregnancy, it too a little longer to really feel that special bond. After all, he couldn't feel our son move and grow the way I could. That's why, pretty quickly after my son's birth, I encouraged my husband to take him on father-baby adventures. Believe me, there is nothing sweeter than the loving look in your husband's eyes as he bonds with your baby. Here are 9 activities to help grow the father/baby bond. - By Becka Robinson


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