Daily Shot: Secrets for a Lifelong Honeymoon!

Ali and John discuss a relationship study that was featured in The New York Times that surveyed over 1,700 married couples and found that after 2 years, the honeymoon phase of the marriage is typically over. Ali believes that in order to keep the romance alive, it's important to have date nights and to make your relationship as big of a priority as your job or your kids.

What are your tricks for keeping the spark in your marriage? Tell us in the comments!

More can't-miss moments: Ali talks Kate Middleton's royal pregnancy and the homeless man who was given $100 boots from an NYPD cop and hid them away because it was too dangerous for him to wear them. Plus, Ali sits down and chats with Babble blogger Allana Harkin to get the scoop on what kids really think about the holidays.

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