Daily Shot: What's a Woman's Perfect Day?

Daily Shot

Ali and John discuss a study featured in the Economic Journal of Psychology where they surveyed 900 employed women to see what their perfect day would entail. Of the women surveyed, the two things that they'd want to do the most are have sex and socialize with friends. And the things they'd want to do the least amount of time? Childcare and work. If Ali could choose, she'd spend her days making love to her husband and doing laundry.

How would you spend your perfect day? Tell us in the comments!

More can't-miss moments: Ali talks Donald Trump's YouTube video, where he offers $5 million to any of President Obama's charities if Obama presents proof of his high school and college transcripts and his passport; the 10-year-old girl who foiled a burglar when she was left home alone; and just how much bacteria can be found on your cell phone.

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