Fake Baby Bangs: Cute or Too Much?

Valerie Isakova, Shine Parenting Editor

Would your little girl be so much cuter if only she had hair? We don't think so, but apparently the creators of Baby Bangs! do. This brand-new feminizing hairpiece for baby came to our attention here. It turns out to be the creation of "hair replacement artist" Lisa Griggs-Campbell, who started experimenting with the idea when granddaughter Wren was born without hair, as babies often are.

This questionable product is the logical extension of the thriving Etsy infant-tutu industry, itself an extension of the dark days when your Yahoo! Shine editors were babies and our moms used to Scotch tape bows on our heads for our Sears portraits.

What do readers think? Are Baby Bangs! adorable or gilding the lily? Do you think little Wren is going to appreciate this when she grows up? Would you let your mom put a wig on your baby? Discuss.