Family Welcomes Second Set of Twins in a Row

Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Shine

Twin toddlers can be a handful by themselves. But when you add in a couple of newborns, the potential for chaos -- and happiness -- is enormous.

Thirteen-month-old twins Grayson and Garin Martin welcomed identical baby sisters, Hayden and Harley, last week. And their parents, Jaclyn and Chad Martin of Weatherford, Texas, are still reeling from the reality of having two sets of twins in a row. (For now, the tired parents tell which baby is which by looking at their hospital bracelets, which are still around the newborns' tiny wrists.)

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"More than anything I was shocked to hear twins again," Chad Martin told CBS News. "I didn't believe it at first."

Having consecutive sets of twins without having undergone fertility treatments is very unusual. The odds "might be one in 10,000" says Jaclyn's OB/GYN, Dr. Stephen Stamatis, who delivered both sets of her twins at Weatherford Regional Medical Center. "It's pretty rare. It's the first time that I actually had a patient with consecutive pregnancies with twins."

Having multiples may run in the family. Martin's mother is a twin, he says, but Jaclyn's side has many more. "My dad has twin sisters, and then my great great grandmother had four sets of twins," Jaclyn says.

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(The odds of the Martins having a third set of twins? About one in 50, Stematis says. "No more for now!" Jaclyn quips. "It might be more reasonable in the near future.")

Two sets of twins will make for a hectic -- and possibly expensive -- household as the kids get older.

"We'll have four teenagers at the same time," says Jaclyn. "They'll be driving, needing cars, going to school."

But the Martins say that they are up for the challenge -- mainly because coping with twins is all that they know of parenthood.

"We really don't know any better either," says Chad. "It's been twins both times."

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