Five Types of Mums to Avoid

Michael F. Roizen


You may meet them at pregnancy yoga classes, at Antenatal classes or mother and baby groups. They're there to prop you up when you've had no sleep and to cheer along with you when you're little one starts to walk - your newly aquired mummy friends willl help you through the early years of your little ones childhood. However, as much as they can be a prop, they can also be a hindrance. Here are the five types of mums you should cross over the street to avoid if you can…

Mum no.1 = The Smug mum
She had a perfect pregnancy, her baby has always slept through the night and she never has a hair out of place. When you tell her that your baby refuses to eat any pureed carrot whatsoever, she immediately mentions that her baby has tried every vegetable known to mankind and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even being in the same room with her makes you doubt your abilities as a mum. This is why it's best to avoid her if you're having a bad day. Surrounding yourself with other mums who admit to having 'down days' or making mistakes will help you to remember you're completely normal and doing your best as a mum. I bet smug mum has bad days, but she probably never leaves the house for fear of seeing someone more 'together' than her.

Mum no.2 = The Pushy Mum
You've met her before - the mum who has her child's name down on every class from baby massage to French. She tells you about how her child will be bi-lingual before he can even talk. Pushy mum is even worse with older children - at school show and tell sessions, her child always has a bird's nest or something maths related to show to the other children and of course, her child can read way before everyone else's! Pushy mum can be good for reminding you about getting your school form in or finding out if a new class for children is starting (she's sure to have heard/tried out everything), but she can easily put unnecessary pressure on you and your child. After you've spent time with pushy mum and her child, remember to remind your child that you love the lego towers he builds. (Being able to play the violin at aged five is not the be all and end all).

Mum no.3 = The Gossip
You'd had a bad night with your little one and your hair looked scraggy when you met her for a coffee - now suddenly everyone keeps asking if you're OK and whether you're coping… The Gossip will spread any story and never holds back. You telling her that you're scared at the thought of post-natal sex, means all the mums at 'tums n bums' now know. Whatever you do, don't divulge too much to The Gossip, she loves a good story, probably because she's diverting the attention away from her own troubles…

Mum no.4 = The Clean Freak
She carries hand sanitizer everywhere with her and if you're out and about she'd rather drive home to change her baby's nappy than risk doing it in a public toilet or, (shock horror) open air in the park. She'll be sterilising baby equipment until her child starts school and then it's sandwiches everyday instead of beastly bacteria-filled school dinners…
Just remember children need a bit of dirt and exposure to the common cold so they can build up their immune system. Whilst The Clean Freak is wrapping her children in cotton wool, you can be sure you're making yours stronger by not being too concerned when they eat soil from the garden.

Mum no.5 = The one who doesn't seem to like her child
Right from the first moment, she complained that she'd have preferred the opposite sex to what she got, but this attitude has continued. She tells you all exactly what her child is doing wrong, right in front of him and genuinely seems disappointed in everything he does. She may even compliment your child on being completely different to hers... This is not only hurtful for her child who she is helping to develop a low self-esteem, but also contagious. Try not to be drawn into her rants about what all children do wrong and remember what amazing, delightful, magical qualities your children show you every single day.