Funny Kids-With-Santa Photos Gone Wrong

Ali Swank
December 12, 2012
Photo by: Jennifer Wolfe

"In my family, Santa doesn't come from a mall; he appears every year, dressed in the vintage costume handed down over generations of the family. Since the 1940s, a male in the family dons the same red suit and steps up to deliver gifts. For some kids, the faded costume, full-facial white beard and mustache, and boisterous appearance at the front door would send them to tears. For my two-year-old son, Santa was like any other stranger that might enter the house, and treated with a great deal of skepticism. My son's eyes tell the story; he looks to anyone who will rescue him from Santa's clutch. Not one to throw tantrums, he nibbles his fingers anxiously, waiting for more familiar arms to scoop him up." - Jennifer Wolfe, Kids and Santa: Not So Sure About This Red-Suited Stranger

It's no laughing matter to a little one. Santa can be downright scary - all of that facial hair, the deep, almost-maniacal laugh, and the constant spying (he knows when I'm sleeping and awake?). We asked readers to share some of their funniest photos of their kids meeting Santa.

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